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The Ultimate Solar Blanket Solution for Pools


While any solar blanket can cover your pool, ClearDeck® uniquely conceals your solar blanket, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your pool and landscaping. Traditional solar blanket rollers, often bulky and unsightly, can detract from the beauty of your outdoor space. However, ClearDeck’s In-Ground Solar Blanket Roller innovatively hides the blanket below deck, maintaining an uncluttered deck and ensuring your pool’s design remains as envisioned. ClearDeck® is engineered for ease, enabling one-person operation with minimal effort, thanks to its patented design.

Seamless Integration and Convenience

ClearDeck® integrates flawlessly with your deck, remaining flush when closed to avoid clutter and eliminate trip hazards. It ensures your solar blanket is discreetly hidden and properly stored throughout the year, offering a blend of aesthetics, safety, and practicality.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Adopting a solar blanket for your pool is akin to insulating your home properly; it’s essential for energy efficiency. A solar blanket collects heat during the day and significantly reduces heat loss at night, lowering the need for artificial heating. This natural heating and insulation method can cut heating costs dramatically while also reducing chemical use and water evaporation. The ClearDeck® system is versatile, suitable for any pool shape or size and installable on various deck surfaces, making it an ideal addition for new pools or renovations.

Investing in a Solar Blanket

A solar blanket is not just an accessory but a necessity for any pool owner looking to save on heating costs and extend their swimming season. Unlike other pool accessories that enhance aesthetics but offer no tangible savings, a solar blanket provides substantial financial benefits over time. With ClearDeck®, your pool’s functionality and beauty are enhanced, affirming that if your pool is in-ground, your solar blanket should be too.

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