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Less Chemicals, Clearer Water

Nature2: Pure Water, Naturally

Nature2 is a leading water purification technology that delivers the clearest water for both in-ground and above-ground pools, making it the #1 chlorine alternative trusted in over 180,000 US pools.

How It Works

  • Uses nature’s minerals to trap bacteria and algae.
  • Significantly reduces the need for harsh chemicals by 50-80%.
  • Patented technology ensures efficiency and safety.

Clear, Soft, and Pure Water


  • Experience: Once you swim in a Nature2 purified pool, you’ll notice the difference immediately.
  • Visibility: Water purity you can see.
  • Sensation: Water softness you can feel.

Embrace the future of pool and spa care with Nature2—where purity meets innovation.

Key Benefits

  • Healthier: No more stinging eyes, dry skin, or damaged hair.
  • Safer: Less chemical usage means less damage to your pool equipment and swimwear.
  • Convenient: Easy to use, with no electricity or moving parts required.
  • Stable: Performs well even in hot weather and in heavily used pools.
  • Compatible: Works alongside other pool maintenance products.

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