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Advanced Lighting Solutions

Enhance your pool’s ambiance and safety with sophisticated underwater lighting for both above-ground and in-ground pools. The ColorLogic In-Ground Pool Lighting by Hayward brings your pool to life with vibrant colors and dynamic shows. With the integration of Pro Logic’s Network Module, ColorLogic 4.0 expands your color palette to 101 adjustable colors, complete with customizable shows for speed, motion, and brightness, making it the most responsive and energy-efficient lighting system on the market.

Features of ColorLogic 4.0:

  • Starts with five fixed colors, expandable to 101 shades.
  • Energy savings up to 79% compared to traditional pool lights.
  • Easy installation with no bulbs to change or moving parts.

Fixed Colors for Every Mood

Under the “Fixed Colors for Every Mood” feature, you have the flexibility to customize your pool’s ambiance with a palette of 101 different color tones, allowing you to tailor the lighting to match any occasion or mood.

afternoon skiesAfternoon Skies
Your evening pool, with middle-of-the-day blue.
Deep Blue

Deep Blue Sea
Rich, saturated color makes you feel like you’re swimming in the ocean.


Give your pool the alluring magic of gemstones.


The romance of Madrid, with a dash of fiesta.

Cloud White

Cloud White
Show off your pool’s crystal-clear water by illuminating with Cloud White.

AquaLuminator for Above-Ground Pools:

AquaLuminator offers a quick and safe way to light up above-ground pools, combining the light fixture and water return in one unit. It’s easy to install, requiring no alterations to your pool, and comes with two color lenses to set the mood for your swims.

Benefits of Pool Lighting:

  • Transforms evening swims into beautiful, illuminated experiences.
  • Customizable settings to fit every mood and occasion.
  • Significant energy savings and easy “Plug ‘n Play” installation.
  • Enhances pool safety with improved visibility and an all-white light override feature.

With these innovative lighting options, you can easily create a stunning pool environment that saves energy, reduces maintenance, and provides a safer swimming experience after dark.

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