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JC Pools is excited to offer a range of energy-efficient and green technology products designed to enhance your pool experience while minimizing environmental impact and saving money. Explore our selection of innovative solutions and discover how easy it is to go green with your pool and backyard.

Why Choose Green?

Opting for green products from JC Pools means enjoying a beautiful, functional pool without the hefty environmental footprint. These products not only deliver outstanding performance and savings but also contribute to a healthier planet. Visit us at JC Pools to explore more green ideas for your backyard and take the next step in sustainable pool ownership.

Embrace Sustainability with Our Energy-Efficient Pool Solutions

Green Products at JC Pools

TriStar Energy Solution® Pumps
Experience unparalleled efficiency with the TriStar Energy Solution® variable-speed pump. This pump is a game-changer, offering up to eight programmable speeds to maximize water flow while reducing energy consumption by 30 to 75 percent. Its advanced hydraulics ensure optimal filtration, quiet operation, and longevity for your pool equipment. Simplify your pool maintenance and energy use without compromising on performance.
Zeobrite® Pool Filter Media
Transform your sand filter with Zeobrite®, the ultimate filter media offering superior water clarity and reduced operating costs. By cutting backwashing up to 50%, and filtering particles down to 3 microns, Zeobrite® not only enhances pool water quality but also saves water, energy, and chemicals. This all-natural, environmentally safe product can rejuvenate your garden soil when it's time for replacement.
Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps
Our Aqua Comfort heat pumps come with user-friendly, one-touch programming and feature the latest in operational efficiency. These pumps maintain your pool temperature effortlessly, ensuring comfort and cost savings.
Solar Blankets
Our solar pool covers are designed to keep your pool water warm, reduce evaporation, and slash heating costs by leveraging the sun's natural energy. Paired with the innovative ClearDeck in-ground solar blanket roller, your pool cover is conveniently out of sight when not in use, blending seamlessly with your pool's aesthetic.
ColorLogic Pool Lighting by Hayward
Elevate your pool's ambiance while saving energy with ColorLogic 4.0 by Hayward. This advanced lighting system uses LED technology to illuminate your pool in vibrant colors and exciting shows, reducing pool lighting energy costs by up to 79%.
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