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Pool Water Testing Guide

Ensure your pool or spa water is safe and balanced with our straightforward water testing instructions. Follow these simple steps to collect a clean water sample for analysis:

Step 1: Prepare Your Bottle
Use a clean, glass, or plastic bottle. Make sure it's free from any previous contents and soap residue. A quick rinse with warm water can help remove any dirt or product residue.
Step 2: Rinse with Pool/Spa Water
With the clean bottle, rinse it once more using the water from your pool or spa. Dispose of this rinse water outside of your pool or spa to avoid contamination.
Step 3: Collect the Sample
Invert the bottle, holding it mouth down, and submerge it into the water about 8-10 inches deep. Then, turn the bottle upright to fill it. This method helps avoid collecting any surface contaminants.
Step 4: Secure and Store the Sample
Once filled, securely cap your bottle. While there’s no need to rush, try to avoid leaving the sample in direct sunlight, which could alter the chemical composition of the water.
Step 5: Bring Your Sample to Us
Bring your water sample to the store at your earliest convenience. Being able to provide details about the products you use in your pool, along with the most recent treatments and their dates, will help us give you the best recommendations.
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The Importance of Water Testing

Ensuring Pool and Spa Safety and Balance

Regular water testing helps keep your pool or spa safe and enjoyable, ensuring the right balance of chemicals and identifying any necessary adjustments. Visit us with your water sample, and let’s ensure your water is perfect for every plunge!

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